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Giving a New Hope of Health - The Intersection Of Pharmaceutical Companies And Patients.

Columbus Clinical Services is a Medical Center that offers clinical site solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, medical device companies, and contract research organizations (CROs) looking to find research sites that will provide patients for their research studies. Columbus Clinical Services is a dedicated Phase I-IV clinical research facility which can help these businesses accrue more patient samples in a shorter amount of time. Our Medical Center is located in Miami, allowing us to tap into a diverse patient population and conduct Clinical Research in Miami.

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The selection of study participants involves determining who may be eligible to participate in the study. Site reviews the inclusion and exclusion criteria for potential patients in order to determine a patient pool for the study.



You will be asked to sign a study consent form and receive medical information about the study. You may also need to have a physical assessment and review of your medical history. A waiting period phase may be required before you can begin the study.


Enrollment/ Randomization

A process by which the eligibility of study participants is evaluated, using criteria such as whether they meet inclusion and exclusion requirements. If a participant meets these qualifications, they may be enrolled in the trial; if not, they are excluded from participation.


Treatment Period

During the treatment period, we will be keeping an eye on your progress and any potential side effects from the medication. Regular follow up visits to and/or labs may be necessary in order to monitor your health.


Final Phase/End Of Treatment

After your trial is complete, you will have one final safety check and also a slew of other tests.

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Manuel Viamonte, MD

Manuel Viamonte, MD

Colon and Rectal Surgery
Eileen S. Jimenez, APRN

Eileen S. Jimenez, APRN

Family Nurse Practicioner
Cesar Perez, MD

Cesar Perez, MD

Family Practicioner
Sara Llerena, MD

Sara Llerena, MD

Family Practicioner



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